Nail Services Cherry Hill

Whether you want acrylic nails or gel manicures, Professionails Nail & Hair Salon in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, offers the artistic beauty services you need. Ready to feel stunning? Make your appointment now!

Acrylic Nails

Using ultra white acrylic for a French manicure finish, I can make your hands look sleek and sophisticated. Want something more exotic? I can also use color varieties and glitter to spice it up. Gel clear coat finish will make this manicure last longer than you expect.

Gel Manicure

This gel polish has far superior adhesion than regular nail polish. Once your nails are cured and dried, they will not smear and you can choose from a wide range of gel polish colors. Dry and cure time is mere minutes!

Air Brushing & Nail Art

Count on my airbrushing and nail art, it is fun and  gorgeous.
Whether you want to get in the holiday spirit, have a special event, or just need an everyday pick-me-up. We’ll inlay pieces into your acrylic nails or do art with your manicure.


Beginning with a luxurious foot bath, we use scented lotions as we exfoliate your feet for a truly relaxing experience. We’ll follow-up with regular or gel polish.

Gel polish is fantastic for winter pedicures because its fast dry time and durability allow you to put your shoes on right away.

We also offer Hair Styling Services

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