Pedicure & Manicure Cherry Hill

3Do you want an eye-catching nail style?

At “Professionails Hair & Nail Salon” in Cherry Hill you will get just that and so much more. We offer manicure and pedicure services. With various indulgent add-ons like a paraffin soak or hot stones, with this you can take your manicure and pedicure to the next level. The hands and feet are some of the most used parts of the body. As such, we need to give them extra tender, loving care and keep them in optimal condition. Our manicures and pedicures are specifically created to help keep them healthy and in top shape for all the hustling and bustling life demands.

Our manicures will smooth, hydrate, and exfoliate your hands, leaving them looking younger and feeling softer. Manicure will make you feel most pampered! After shaping, cuticle care and buff, you will be treated to  a massage to improve circulation. We finish your pampering with a polish of your choice. Your hands will look and feel better than ever.

Following are the main benefits of manicure / pedicure:

  • Manicure / pedicure are wonderful ways to pamper you as it is a deeply relaxing beauty treatment
  • It helps reduce aging of skin on hand / feet
  • It helps reduce wrinkling of skin on hand / feet
  • It helps stop many nail disorders like splits, scratches, fragile tips etc.
  • It helps give you naturally strong nails for hand hands
  • So combined effect is your hands and feet feel and look beautiful

Your feet work hard for you day after day, and every now and then they need a little tender loving care. Get off your feet for a few minutes or a few hours at “Professionails Hair & Nail Salon” and enjoy our luxurious pedicures. We use scrubs, callus removal, and massage to invigorate your feet. Sit back, unwind and indulge your hands and feet in a calming treatment that softens the skin, and restores and strengthens your nails. “Professionails Hair & Nail Salon” even offers treatments for men and young girls. Because we know that everyone could use some rejuvenating.

We hope your stay with us is an experience in learning more about our people, services and the line of fine quality products that we have to offer. We consider and treat each client as an individual with his or her own needs and desires. We strive to fulfill those needs and desires with the best talent available. Experience dedicated professionalism with our expert hair stylists and nail techs.

Contact us at (856) 755-0566 for more information. Enjoy a luxurious custom-blend manicure ritual that promotes healthy nails using products that make your nails strong, flexible and resilient – just as nature intended.